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Sunday, November 16, 2008

sunday night update

  • 3 papers done
  • 1 paper remains with just some work on lit review to do. I can be done tonight if I can just slam my way through this part.
I'm at 35% of my InaDWriMo goal, which isn't too shabby all in all. I kinda thought my word count would be higher now, but one paper turned out to be a bit shorter than I expected. No biggie. I'm content to not make my word goal as long as I submit the papers that need to get done - and hopefully decent enough to pass. (I'd prefer more than just decent enough to pass, but heck, I'm willing to settle here).

On the bad news front, my grant got rejected. So that's sad. But kinda okay because I have a crazy spring on the schedule anyway and this means one less project for now. And I know it's a good project, so I'll just need to try again. Silly scientists - how can they think that my proposal isn't useful?

And- one week from now I'll be almost home for the fall holiday. I'll probably still be flying and thus tired/cranky/tons o' fun. But almost home. Time to see the family and former mentors and good friends. And time to get away from boring Grad Uni. I could use a break.

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